Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality is synonymous with diversity. It is that hidden part in all of us that only comes out with those with whom we are at least verbally intimate. Ah, what secrets lie beneath the surface that some take to their graves! It is the one subject that is not spoken in “polite” society, and it is that which often takes a good dose of alcohol to bubble forth in small social settings, but never in large, formal ones. Human sexuality has been pinned under the weight of social mores, the blight of Puritanism, and the concept of sin. Only by letting it explode from within us, by sharing our sexuality with others (in conversation, if not in deed) can we truly be liberated by the oppression of moral censorship.


This website shall be the forum for its free discussion, a sort of “coming out” party. I am hoping that anyone who reads this will share his or her stories, experiences, and knowledge about this most fascinating subject. One can simply share one’s thoughts, questions, or experiences in the comment section below or in one of the many forum categories of our Sex Forum. I hope to hear from readers, young and old, men and women, and of many nationalities. After all, this is the place for it!


The Facebook Problem

by Psycho Ragdoll

A few years ago, a boyfriend I had used to constantly bager me about my Facebook. "Whos that guy, whos this, did you sleep with them, why are they on your site?" was all I heard and it drove me CRAZY. But Now A few years later IM starting to realize why he was so obsessed with it. The question is, If you are in a commited relationship is there a need to have ex's or ex sleep buddys on your facebook? The only opposite sex friends you need to have are the ones you know or are family associates.  if your in a commited relationship why hold on to the attention of an ex lover unless your not ready to be in a commited relationship. Social media has put a big damper on our lives. Now its not just I wonder who they talk to when im not around, now its why did this person feel the need to comment on this picture or post, why did they like the picture of some young girl in her underwear. Its more than just being insecure about your relationship because its always in your face. Then you start second guessing and letting your mind wander. Everything you do online is documented, when you tell your bf/gf you went to bed at nine and your facebook shows you having conversatios at eleven or you see pictures taged at places you did not say you were at. I believe its normal to have opposite sex friends and people are capable of not cheating with them, but when you have over 300 friends mostly the opposite sex it makes anyone wonder why. What are your thoughts on this?


An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” NHS pamphlet

In response to the U.K.’s alarming teen pregnancy rate, the highest in Europe, the NHS published a pamphlet for teens, entitled Pleasure, with the credo: “An orgasm a day, keeps the doctors away.” The pamphlet encourages teens to have safe sex, and, if no partner is available, to masturbate. Many adults find this alarming. Why? Sexual education platforms, aimed at teens, that preach abstinence only are absurdly unrealistic, since teens are bound to have sex if  the desire is strong enough. After all, can one expect teens to stave off the effects of raging hormones, especially in a world in which sex is more visible than ever? The key to reducing teen pregnancies and S.T.D.s/S.T.I.s is education, allowing teens to make informed decisions. After all, that’s all any responsible society can do.  Sex education should be no different than educating our young about tobacco, drugs and alcohol. Just as there are teens that will take risks regardless of the potential consequences, there are those who will never take risk. A teen who has decided on his own to not drink and smoke and to delay sex until marriage hardly needs social intervention in the form of education. Education efforts, therefore, best lend themselves to that middle majority that lies between the risk takers and the abstainers.

“An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” is a refreshing evolution in human thinking, the antithesis of the long-held puritanical nonsense  that linked  masturbation to blindness and insanity. In fact, unlike tobacco, drugs and alcohol, safe sex is good for the cardio-vascular system and it boosts the immune system, not to mention that fact that if feels damned good. Yes, adolescents should experience orgasm through either masturbation or safe sex just as adults do. The video that follows represents a well done and articulate perspective on this topic.


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